I’m super excited for you to be here.


Well because if you are here, listening to this podcast and reading these show notes then you are someone who is ready to start making a change in their life!! Whether that change is to simply get more flexibility in the hours you work, more job security, or even to earn the respect that you deserve in the workplace I look forward to working with you!!

Working with people who have a conviction for what they do is why I do what I do.

The whole reason I got into helping people prepare for and pass the Project Manager Professional Exam is because I struggled  through my exam prep.

Hopefully not too many of you can relate to that…

Regardless if you are struggling to plan, haven’t taken the test yet, or have failed it several times though I know just how to help you get ready for this test. Let’s just say that if I could pass this, you can to.

When I started this journey I didn’t have any of these resources to help, no podcasts or gurus who didn’t cost you an arm and a leg. I tried to follow their advices and cram as much knowledge in my head as I could but guess what happened…


I had to devise a new method all by myself and only then was I able to get my certification, which you’ll be able to do as well with a little help and coaching.

Before I can help you though, there’s something you need to do for me…I need you to decide to help yourself.

There’s a lot I can do for you but I can only help you as much as you let me. Look, a relationship is just a two-way street after all. I can only fulfill my end of the bargain if you do

So if you can promise to do everything on your end, taking the notes down and doing the work yourself, here’s what I’ll do for you:

  1. Bring in EXPERTS of the Exam to help you pass
  2. Go over the EXACT strategies you’ll need to actually learn what you’re studying
  3. Give you FREE trainings TWICE A WEEK

That sound like a deal?

I can’t wait to help you become the EXPERT you really are in your own field

I know that it can seem daunting sometimes, especially when everyone just wants you to memorize and cram your head with information. This tactic may have worked in high school but it’s incredibly outdated and not useful here.

You’re now in the big leagues and it’s time to start playing like you are.

Let me help you get there by giving you this FREE Cheatsheet to studying faster and better 👇👇

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