There’s two real reasons people will fail on the exam: following the wrong path and not having any support.


No seriously.


If you really wanted to learn how to cook, you wouldn’t just pick up a cook book and call it good. Some people can, sure. Yet, if you really wanted to become a GOOD COOK you’d do what experts do and learn the right time to add in the ingredients and the right tools to use in every step along the way.


I saw this when most my first students were ones that had failed before, because they all went through the WRONG tactics to passing the exam I just talked about

Everyone else goes with this “Silo” approach where the info they give to you just comes all at once, like a firehose really.


This tactic works great for those who are great at rote memorization…but that’s not me and it probably isn’t you either. In fact, the actual amount of people who can memorize boring facts is actually quite small.


When I started to work with these clients though on a totally different strategy, making CONNECTIONS to the FACTS the results spoke for themselves. Most of my first students not only passed their exams but also scored above the mark of average. 


This exam isn’t anything like you’ve done before so it’s not about knowing what you need to know anymore, there’s a lot you need to know. For preparing for this exam, you need to know what is important AND how it connects with you. I want to make sure that everyone who is taking these tests remembers everything they learn even AFTER the test. 

This is going to be your profession after all…

I have failed classes in college before just because I didn’t have the right teacher for me, I know how my brain works and they didn’t. 


My entire course and materials are all based around the right support, I know it’s important. I can fill your cup up with a fire hose but it’ll just shatter so I don’t.


I go through everything with my clients quick, believe me this isn’t a slow course. I do it all in a way though that helps people create more connections and establish a strong foundation all along the way.



You need to read by flow so you can understand the content and have the support so you have answers and people when you need them.

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