Let’s look back at that title, what is the most important question for the PMP Exam?


Is it related to Change?




Maybe it’s related to Executing?


While these are both INCREDIBLY Important…


The question you need to ask yourself is: What is it going to feel like if you pass or even worse…fail?


This question goes beyond some Law of Attraction, visualization, or mumbo jumbo. When I ask people this I can predict their scores better than a baseline exam could…

Have you asked yourself this important question then?


If you passed this exam how would you feel? 


Who would you call first? 


What would their reaction be? 


What would your reaction be?


Now…what would happen if you failed this exam?


What would it be like if you had to call your spouse or loved ones that all the time you spent studying didn’t pan out like you’d hoped?


Would you be able to tell your boss, or potential boss as it was for me, that you didn’t pass?

Now listen, I’m doing this for a reason. If I can help you get that important mindset now then I’ll be able to truly help you along your journey to becoming the professional you truly are.


It’s important to remember the parts that you need to work on, you have strengths in some areas just like you have weaknesses. If your mindset is set enough then you’ll be willing to admit you do have these faults. These don’t make you any weaker but help you to see exactly what it is you need to focus your time and energy on to have the most success.


There’s a lot of positives that come from knowing what your weaknesses but it all comes from your determination to take the time to see where you’ll need to focus your time.

Now, I want to ask you to do something.


Go into our Facebook Group and write down your two answers to the questions


  1. What would it be like if you passed?


  1. What would it be like if you didn’t?


This will help you get accountability from our community and will also help you to find other people who have the same motivations as you do. You are not alone on your journey and we want to help you remember that.


To help you along your journey even more I want to give you access to the 128 questions you need to study AFTER you check your mindset.

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