I hear THIS all the time, “I don’t know if I have enough time”


Now, there’s a lot of big claims out there about how to pass the exam in as little as 7 days, it’s possible believe me…just not the way they do it.


There’s two big problems people run into when they try to cut down their prep time for an exam:


#1 Study Cramming – Shortening the time between study breaks without any prioritization


#2 Study Speeding – Shortening the total time you study each section


Let’s break this down as to why this will only hurt your studying by taking a look at the ITTOs (Inputs, Tools, Techniques, and Outputs) there’s 1500 in the PMP, taking 3 minutes for each one would take you about 75 hours…


That’s a lot of time just in ONE section, hopefully you could cram or speed through all of those and STILL remember what you crammed and sped through.

But there’s an art to shortening your study that really does work and actually improves your comprehension of what you learn. It all stems from one little secret…not everything in the PMBOC, ITTO, or any other long acronym is of equal importance.


Too many people focus on the wrong things that aren’t the most important and don’t deserve a large portion of our time.


You instead need to start learning in the 3 waves I teach my students:


Wave #1 High Level Understanding


Wave #2 Asking Why they’re asking this? What other situations need these?


Wave #3 Focused quizzes on what you struggle with the most


This is the best way to study because it allows you to have time before your exam day to go over content that you struggle with. There’s no point in going through a course at top speed only to find that you already forgot half of it.


The way that you will cut 40% off your study time is by focusing on those three phases of studying, which conveniently will also help you to score higher as well.


Time is a limited resource for all of us, it’s time we start using it right.

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