I love talking to my old students when they pass their Project Manager Exams. There’s just something great hearing that what you teach allows others to live the life they wanted.




That’s the problem, people don’t envision themselves at that ending with their certification in hand and their resume thickened.


After 300 hours of test prep my good friend, Renae, got exactly what she envisioned when she started those months ago, she even scored above average in 3 out of the 5 sections!!


She was telling me that the best way she prepared for the 4 hour exam we all will take was getting grounded in human and relatable material. You are going to have to connect with this information if you want to start committing it to memory.



The best way that Renae learned herself all of these inputs, tools, techniques, and outputs was through stories. She would find a way to talk out each of the situations and logically see what she needed to do in that situation.


One of the things she got the biggest kick out of were the animations we use in our courses with everyone’s favorite Project Manager, John.


(I talk a little about how I came up with this beloved character in the podcast actually)


Along with those animations and stories though she also got a lot value out of bootcamps, especially from our mutual friend Sandy Mitchell.


You might have taken a bootcamp yourself, they are really good for consuming a lot of information in a condensed period of time and it works for a lot of people. 


Whatever way you learn though the only thing that matters is you pass your exam and think through the situational questions.

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