Do You NEED to Pass the NEW PMP Exam?

Do You NEED to Pass the NEW PMP Exam?

Are you fed up with PMP Boot Camps and study aids that don’t help?

Have you wasted weeks (or even months) trying to memorize facts?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing is helping you pass?

Are you fed up with PMP Boot Camps and study aids that don’t help?

Have you wasted weeks (or even months) trying to memorize facts?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing is helping you pass?

If you’re ready to stop struggling and pass the PMP, it’s time to take a revolutionary new approach…

We can help you stop treading water on your own & GUIDE YOU directly to your PMP success.

 I’m going to show you everything you need to know to pass the New PMP Exam


“Scott is like a magician. He literally showed me an entirely new way of thinking about the PMP that didn’t require me to memorize or cram anything. I’m SO happy - Thank you!!”

-Hayley Vogler

You’re tired of feeling alone. You’re tired of trying to search through the PMBOK for answers.

You’ve probably already tried:

  • Memorizing the entire PMBOK (which, let’s face it, is impossible)
  • Acronyms and mnemonic devices
  • Cram sessions
  • E-courses
  • Bootcamps

At this point, you might even believe the old myth that the only way to pass the PMP is to just take it and fail.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to do ANY of that. There’s a better way.

You don’t have to waste your time. You don’t have to fail the test. You don’t have to spend months memorizing facts and data.


“By the time I was ready to sit for my PMP exam, I felt so confident and relaxed, passing felt like second nature. Scott is the man!”

-Jeffrey Scott MacPhee

Lee Lambert

Lee Lambert

A Founder of the PMP | PMI Fellow

“Scott Payne’s 7-Day Accelerator Program is the best PMP program on the market.  As one of the founders of the PMP and a PMI Fellow I should know!”

The PMP Is a Problem You CAN Solve

Here’s the deal—you’re not a high school student cramming for the SAT.

You’re a professional. You’re good at what you do. You know how to solve problems.

You don’t have to sit around and memorize facts that won’t actually help you solve the toughest questions on the PMP anyway.


Trying to memorize and cram and plunge through the test is like trying to run into a brick wall. It’s just going to leave you more frustrated, more confused, and more overwhelmed than ever.

Tired of Facing the PMP Alone?


I was right where you are—until I learned how to view the PMP in a new way. I stopped looking at it like a list of facts I needed to memorize and started looking at it like a puzzle I needed to solve.

Once I figured out how to see the PMP in a new light, I finally understood how to:

  • Dissect situational questions
  • Connect processes in a logical way
  • Use the PMBOK to ACTUALLY help me

Now I want to teach you how to do the same thing.


I want you to toss out everything you thought you knew about the PMP.


No more memorization

brain copy

No more data dumps

brain copy 2

no more cram sessions

We’re offering a new path. With our 7-Day PMP Accelerator, you’ll have us in your corner. We’ll:


“Scott’s 7-Day Accelerator made the PMP easy!  The videos were amazing, the coaching calls helped me get better really fast, and the accountability coach gave me the push and confidence I needed to ace the exam in 3 weeks.  Best part, I never opened the PMBOK!”

-Liz Bowman

  • Walk you through a new approach to the PMP
  • Show you how to dissect the questions the right way so that the answer becomes clear
  • Work hands-on with you to prepare you for the toughest questions
  • Dive into the trenches with you to make sure you’re ready
  • Never give up. We’ll keep working with you until you are ready to tackle the PMP once and for all

We Simplify Everything,
Guide You Step-by-Step,
and Coach You Until You Pass the Exam.

Exactly What You Get:

  • Guided Breakthrough Lessons with Daily Action Plans
  • Live PMP Situational Question Solving Coaching with Scott Payne
  • Live Accountability Coaching Calls with Personal Coach
  • Unlimited Access to Scott’s Complete PMP Resource Library
  • 35 Contact Hours
  • Coaching UNTIL You Pass

Nekia Explains How It All Works:

Nekia Explains Exactly How the PMP Accelerator System
Helped Her Pass in 7 Days

7 Day Accelerator Mock Up

Breakthrough Lessons:
7-Day PMP
Accelerator eCourse
+ Daily Action Plans

Finally make sense of the PMP and eliminate your weaknesses quickly through 7 modules of breakthrough PMP videos and step-by-step action plans.

You Will Know EXACTLY What To Do Everyday.

Hard Questions Made Easy with Scott Image

Live Coaching #1:
Hard PMP Questions Made Easy with Scott Coaching Calls
(1.5 Hours EVERY Week)

I teach you exactly how to solve the hardest PMP questions in LIVE sessions with Me Every Week.

HIGH ENGAGEMENT Calls: You Will Learn My MOST Advanced Question Solving Strategies!


Live Coaching #2:
Personal PMP Accountability Coaching
(1.5 Hours EVERY Week)

Your Personal Accountability Coach guides you every step of the way by answering your questions, giving feedback and monitoring your progress weekly to ensure you are 100% ready on exam day.

Plus you get:

Unlimited Access to Scott’s Complete PMP Resource Library:

  • 1403 Question PMP Simulator
  • PM Success Masterclass
  • EVM Made Easy eCourse
  • PMP Flashcards
  • Speed Study Tools
  • 35 Contact Hours

It’s Now or Never


Your time is valuable! That means every moment you’ve spent studying, every dollar you’ve spent preparing, is important.

This program gives you everything you need!

We partner with you to guide you every step of the way to your PMP success.

Don’t throw away your time and hard work in a boring bootcamp.  Join my Accelerator and let us help you.

We can get you ready NOW so you can pass the NEW exam.

Success Is Waiting: Apply Today

We’d love to take everybody into this program. But in order to offer the individualized attention that you need to prepare for the PMP in just one week, we need to keep the group small.


Just fill out this form and we’ll set you up with one of our senior advisors.

We’ll answer any questions you have about the PMP and find out if you’re a good fit for our 7-Day PMP Accelerator.

You Can Be Successful!
Listen to how these students did it!

Learned More in 1 Day
Than an Entire Bootcamp & Months of Studying

Deb Flattery
Struggled For a Year Before the Accelerator,
Then Passed in 7 Days!

Kristi Younkin
So Confused She Almost Gave Up
Found Accelerator & Got 5 Above Targets!

Diana Mays
Didn't Think She Could Pass
Accelerator Community Helped Her Excel!

Fernando Martinez
Dove Directly Into the Accelerator
Passed the PMP in Less Than 4 Weeks

Jocelyn Jocson
Overcame Tons of Stress
Got 5 Above Targets!!!

Chelece Williams
Failed TWICE With Boring Bootcamps.
Accelerator Helped Her Pass with 3 Above Targets

Doug Rohrer
Dominated the PMP in Just 4 Weeks!

Frank Abdel
Built His Skills and Knowledge
Excelled on the PMP Exam

Cyndi Dickenson
Bounced Back From a Bad Exam Experience.
Dominated the PMP Exam!!!

Jessica Sligar
Gave Up On Confusing PMP Books.
Exceled On The PMP Exam with Accelerator.

Laurence Rogers
Loved How the Accelerator Built on His Experience.
Aced the PMP Exam!

Ian Johnston
Suffered Through Terrible Bootcamp
Actually Learned with Accelerator

Nichelle Nichols
Bounce Back From a BAD Bootcamp
Aced the PMP with Confidence!

Lauren Roge
Was struggling trying to make sense of PMP
Aced the exam in 3 weeks!

Rachael Hobbs
Gave up on traditional PMP training
Scored Above Target in 7 days!!!

Allison Ruyak
Day 1: Never Heard of PMBOK
Day 15: Aced the PMP

Patricia Hirsh
Accelerator FINALLY Taught PMP in a
Way that Made Sense!

Let's Put Your Smiling PMP Face On This Wall!

Mya Johnson
Failed Before and Almost Gave Up
Accelerator Helped Her Pass in 7 Days!

Joshua Martir
Balanced a CRAZY Schedule AND
Dominated the PMP Exam Quickly!

Jenna Lenskold
Knew Nothing About the PMP
Passed in 10 Days!

Marla Regan
Suffered Through Multiple Terrible Bootcamps.
Accelerator Finally Brought Everything Together.

Ming Luo
Aced the PMP Exam
and NEVER Opened the PMBOK!!!

Jeff MacPhee
Passed the PMP in 6 Weeks
When Nothing Else Worked!

Michael Gatling
Let Down by a Bootcamp - Failed Twice.
Accelerator Taught Him to Excel!

Tammy Holthaus
Followed the Step-by-Step Plan.
Aced the PMP in 7 Days.

Melissa Prosper
Knew Nothing About PMP When She Started.
Aced the PMP in 10 Days!

Let Me Help You.  Let's Get Your PMP!

Paola Martinez
Accelerator Allowed Her to Study
While Raising Kids and Ace the Exam!

Wael El Hawari
Loved the Engagement and Coaching
Breezed Through to PMP Success.

Victoria Kubova
Failed Before Using Boring PMP Books
ACED the Exam with Accelerator.

Paola Martinez
Accelerator Allowed Her to Study
While Raising Kids and Ace the Exam!

Wael El Hawari
Loved the Engagement and Coaching
Breezed Through to PMP Success.

Kristina Graves
Abandoned Boring Bootcamp
Passed the PMP in 3 Weeks!

Lisa Barber
Balanced a CRAZY Work Schedule
Dominated the PMP Exam.

Carol Brown
Overcame 2 Years of Self-Doubt
Succeeded on the PMP Exam.

Ray Mayne
Failed on His First Attempt
Accelerator Helped Him Ace the Exam.

Don't Believe Me Yet?!?  Let's Do This.

Raul Quevedo
Accelerator Helped Him Use His Experience
To Excel on the PMP Exam Quickly!

Renne Keats
Only Took 10 Days to
Overcome Worry and Ace the Exam.

Salima Harris
Boring Bootcamps Let Her Down (Failed Twice)
Accelerator Gave Her Strength to Pass.

Nathan Fraser
Aced the Exam in 3 Weeks
While Working a 50 Hour/Week Job!

Drew Carlisle
Struggled for Months with Boring Material
Accelerator Coaching Calls Helped Him Pass.

Liz Bowman
Struggled and Failed Once
Got 5 Above Targets With Accelerator.

David Spence
Step-by-Step Plan and Non-Stop Coaching
Gave Him Skills to Excel on PMP.

Carlene Smith
Bootcamp Left Her Confused and Worried
Accelerator Gave Her Confidence and Support.

Ryan Coutts
Live Coaching Calls Were the Key
Aced the PMP Exam.

It’s time for a better approach.

Join the 7-Day PMP Accelerator
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