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Project Management

Earned Value Management Calculator

In the previous “earned value management” article, we walked you through the calculations and interpretations for several EVM metrics. Now, we will give you an easy way to calculate all your EVM measures by simply entering four numbers into our earned value management calculator. Let’s get started.. First, we’ll use the same example from our…

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Earned Value Management

Earned value management (EVM) is a methodology that integrates scope, schedule, and cost to answer the question, “Has the plan been effective in delivering the desired results?” Using EVM, cost, schedule, and scope performance is evaluated against baselines. The schedule and scope are converted into monetary terms. The three performance dimensions that are monitored using EVM…

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Stages of Team Development

All new teams go through stages of team development (some faster or slower than others). When a team forms, they experience five stages of team development referred to as Tuckman’s Ladder. These stages of were proposed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965 who maintained that the stages were not only necessary for team development but inevitable. As…

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