In the previous "earned value management" article, we walked you through the calculations and interpretations for several EVM metrics. Now, we will give you an easy way to calculate all your EVM measures by simply entering four numbers into our earned value management calculator. Let's get started..

First, we'll use the same example from our last article. Let's assume a project has been initiated to paint four walls in a room. The work is to be completed in four days, and the planned cost of completing each wall is $100. After three days, 2.5 walls have been completed.

Using the EVM calculator, what is the schedule and cost health of the project?

Visit our Earned Value Management Calculator

Enter Your BAC, PV, EV and AC assumptions and click the button

Evaluate the Results

On the results page you'll find a table populated with your input data as well as each EVM metric with calculations and interpretations. These specific results are the same as the calculated outputs from our earlier article with the only exception being rounding differences. Now you can use our earned value management calculator and your own project data to determine your custom EVM metrics.

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