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All My BEST PMP Videos
  • Case Story Learning in the Flow of a Real Project
  • 1st Ever NON-Boring PMP Videos (I'm Serious)
  • Fast Focused Videos Accessible ANYWHERE (not long & boring!)
  • LIFETIME ACCESS (no rush, no extra charges)
  • 35 Contact Hours
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This Course Brings the PMP to Life.
It ALL Starts with the Case Story...


PMP Case Story Breakthrough

  • The Perfect Preparation for the Exam's Situational Questions
  • 25 Life-Like Case Stories help you "see" the PMP processes that you can actually remember!
  • Learning through the Case Story Hero's mistakes... helps you get more questions right on the exam!

PMP Quick-Start Advantage

  • Learn the 9 most important techniques that stand between you and PMP success!
  • Eliminate the Need to Memorize Anything by asking three simple questions.
  • Use a Proven Study Plan that will guide you directly to your PMP success.
  • Learn the Simple Tricks to Cutting Time Out Of Your Study Process

35 Contact Hours

  • Exactly What YOU Need to Apply for the PMP Exam!
  • If you have already taken a Boot Camp...Don't worry, you can use these contact hours for PDU's!

** PLUS You'll Finally Understand
How Every Process Connects **

Each Section Breaks Everything Down in a Simple Logical Way.
No Generic Confusing PMP Jargon.


Initiating Secrets

  • Ensure You Ace 13% of the Entire Exam by learning the clear logic and outputs of these two processes
  • Simplify Initiating Questions by seeing the of inputs to outputs.
  • Build the strong foundation you need by understanding the often overlooked key outputs

Planning Simplified

  • Ace 24% of the exam by learning the "real" purpose of the planning process group
  • Eliminate the need to study 10 processes by understanding 1 key fact that simplifies everything
  • Uncover how JUST 9 key processes control the outputs for every process in the PMBOK

Executing Decoded

  • Skyrocket Your Score by learning the MOST important outputs for every Executing process
  • Simplify 31% of the exam by learning the logical flow of deliverables through the PMP
  • Set yourself up for success in Monitoring and Controlling by understanding how the process groups interact

Monitoring and Controlling Streamlined

  • Get 25% of the exam questions right by mastering the three key flows that dominate the M/C process group
  • Get every Earned Value Management question correct with a simple template the guides you directly to the answer EVERYTIME
  • Pull everything together by understanding how Planning and M/C interact (THIS IS KEY!!!)

The Closing Solution

  • Guarantee you get 7% of the questions correct!
  • Learn the key role that accepted deliverables play and the multiple documents that must be produced
  • Master the documents that the PMBOK defines must be produced to officially close a project


You Will Learn EXACTLY How To Dominate Exam Day


Excel on Exam Day Battle Plan

  • Walk into the exam with confidence prepared with my PROVEN exam day plan
  • Stop stressing over exam day by learning my method to "Dump the Data Dump"
  • Simplify question solving by mastering the 7 most important words on the exam.
  • Manage your exam time expertly using my insanely effective time management method

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100% Pass Guarantee*


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Carrie Kollar

I took my test today and I am happy to report I PASSED!!! I was ridiculously excited. Learning in the flow of a real project helped the light bulb come on for me! I am positive I would not have passed without your course and support!

Carrie Kollar

Lauren Satterfield

I took the PM Success Masterclass and read Scott’s book. To be honest, I NEVER even opened the PMBOK! The case story really helped prepare me for the exam’s situational questions. It totally worked!

Lauren Satterfield

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 3.05.15 PM

The PM Success Masterclass was an essential part of my passing the exam.
I really like the way it is organized in the flow of a real project. Plus the simulator and bonus resources were difference makers. Great course, highly recommended!

Tim O’Brien

Richard Sanders

After going through the course, reading the book, and using the simulator, I was ready and I PASSED!

Richard Sanders

Melissa Picture

PM Master Prep was extraordinarily helpful in my preparations. The course and the book laid out the PMP processes in an easy to understand manner and the Simulator helped me solidify my knowledge. I felt well equipped walking into the exam and I scored above target in nearly every category and passed my PMP exam! Thank you, Scott!

Melissa McCafferty

Sara Avalos

The case story is the one thing that help me remember better. I empathized with John for sure (case story hero) and it helped me understand how the PMP pieces fit together. The Case Story brought it all together.

Sara Avalos


I used Scott’s PM Success Masterclass and found it to be a great preparation for the PMP exam, which I passed with an Above Target score.

I felt very prepared and ready to take the exam.  Thanks!

Joe Izzo

Copy of 3 Secrets to passing the pmp exam

This the BEST PMP course ever. You will love it. The case story is awesome. It simplifies the PMBOK into a way that totally made sense for me. It builds you up step by step. This course eliminates all the fluff and teaches you exactly what you need to know. This was the key to me passing the exam. Get this course!

Tyler Little

Sal Huneidi

I attribute my success to this program and the simulator. I passed the exam with four Above Target’s and one Target Score!

Sal Huneidi


Scott’s course has been a game changer for me. It has totally changed the way I look at the PMP. I’ve taken other courses and this is by far the BEST course for those serious about passing the PMP without PAIN and who really want to know their stuff!

Catherine Schwartz

You will walk into the exam with Confidence
and walk out... with your PMP!

Ready to Simplify Your PMP Study Process,
Learn Faster, and Ace the PMP?

PM Success Masterclass

You Get EVERYTHING You Need to Succeed

All My BEST PMP Videos
  • Case Story Learning in the Flow of a Real Project
  • 1st Ever NON-Boring PMP Videos (I'm Serious)
  • Fast Focused Videos Accessible ANYWHERE (not long & boring!)
  • LIFETIME ACCESS (no rush, no extra charges)
  • 35 Contact Hours
  • 24/7 Online Instructor Support
  • 100% Exam Pass Guarantee*

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other courses?

Normal courses make it harder for you to learn because they teach in silos. Information is disconnected from the actual application and project flow. 

Why don’t other courses teach this way?

First of all, they didn’t write one complete case story that flows through the entire PMBOK!  We’re not talking a standard boring case study. I created a case STORY!  You feel emotions, you see real situations, you actually learn... that’s why.

Do I get the 35 hours I need to apply for the exam?

Yes, in completing this course you receive an official letter awarding you 35 contact hours! You will use this to apply for the PMP exam. Additionally, we even teach you how to complete your application quickly and efficiently.

Is This Course Rated by PMI

Yes, this course is approved by PMI.  My company is a Registered Education Provider (REP) for the Project Management Institute. Our course materials have been fully evaluated by the organization.

What is Your Student Success Rate?

We have a 99.8% pass rate. My only goal is to ensure you are confident and success on the PMP exam and my cas e story method is the most effective method in the world. When you register you get special access to our “Above Target Student Success Secrets” video interviews. You will be able to learn directly from successful students!

Is this Course Updated to the Most Recent PMBOK?

Yes, this course is updated to the 6 th Edition of the PMBOK. You will be taught exactly what you need to know to answer the situational questions on the PMP exam.

Does this course teach me how to fill out the PMP application?

Yes, we will walk you through step by step how to document your experience and submit your application. Also, we have videos online and templates that help you complete your application.

How long do I have access to the PMP Exam Success eCourse and all the bonuses?

You have UNLIMITED access to the awesome videos in the PMP Exam Success Masterclass and all the bonuses. We do not restrict the time you have access. All other courses restrict your access… Not me! I am 100% committed to providing you everything you need to succeed. The videos, lessons, and bonuses are going to help you tons!!!! Enjoy.