Is there a time limit to my account access?

No. We do not impose time limits on access to your account.

How to do i earn my 35 PDUs?

PM Master Prep currently offers Instructor led PMP Exam Prep courses. Full attendance to these courses will earn you 35 PDUs. Learn more about our current course offerings

Why is your Exam Simulator better than other PMP test prep providers?

Many providers have limited question pools which means when you want to retake exams you get a high degree of redundancy and your ability to learn is restricted by limited exposure. Additionally, most testing systems offered by other providers are not sophisticated enough to ensure that you're served the correct number of questions from each Process Group while still getting 200 random questions. Our Exam Simulator draws from a pool of over 1,200 questions and is programmed to randomly deliver the correct number of questions in total (200) and by each Process Group as prescribed by PMI's PMP Examination Content Outline.

Is your test preparation material aligned to the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition?

Yes, we have completely re-written our training content to provide the most comprehensive and accurate PMP test prep material available. You'll find that it's not only aligned to the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition but also packed with high value elements such as our case studies and case study questions, and our "Points of Power". We didn't just re-iterate the PMBOK Guide, we integrated examples of outputs, added context to our descriptions and made great efforts to ensure that you're able to understand the big picture and the details.

Where can i buy the PMP Exam Master Prep Book?

Our PMP Exam Master Prep book is available in our online store, or on Amazon

How many slides make up your course

Our PMP Master Prep Slide set contains 705 slides and our CAPM slide set contains 700

Do you share your courseware as .pdf or .pptx?

Licensees of our PM Master Prep training program will have access to our PowerPoint content and White label customers have the privilege of  customizing and re-branding the content