Actually Works.4

PM Success Masterclass is the only course that simplifies the PMP
so you ace the exam quickly without memorizing a thing.

With our proven case-story approach and our industry leading "Coach You Till You Pass" support, you will learn faster,
excel on the PMP exam, and become a better project manager.

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Everyone thinks PMP courses
have to be Long, Boring, and Painful.

Good news:
I Created a Better Way!

These Organizations Train Their PM's using PM Success Masterclass

95% of PMP Questions are situational.


Traditional Boot Camps tell you to memorize your way to PMP success

The Harsh Reality:
Memorization Doesn't Work. You Must Understand!


You Learn Through a Life-Like Case Story

The PMP will finally make sense as you follow our case story as he completes a project using PMP processes.

We prepare you for the PMP's barrage of situational questions because the entire course is designed as a giant project scenario.

You Actually Learn.  No Memorization Required. 

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Classes are Actually Fun and Engaging

No boring death by PowerPoint lectures.

You will be constantly engaged in conversations that drive deeper situational understanding by my live-online instructors.

Our proven step-by-step approach makes you an active participant as you learn to leverage your actual experience to master the PMP exam.

This makes learning fun, logical, and easy.

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Proven Step-by-Step Plan

Our proven 12-Step Study Plan guides you directly to your PMP success.
With each step, you get quick wins, building momentum and confidence that you are prepared to excel on the PMP exam.

12-step plan makes things easy - Just follow the process.

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Lifetime Access to Online Training System

Lifetime Access to my complete PMP support system gives you everything you need to learn FASTER plus the confidence to know that you will not have to invest any more money.

  • Full PMP eCourse (140 Fast Focused Videos)
  • 1403 Question PMP Simulator
  • Online Speed Study Tools

You are fully supported - LIFETIME access to EVERYTHING!

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We Coach You Until You Pass

100% Coaching Support Every Step of the Way.

Your Personal Accountability Coach will customize an ideal post-class study plan & coach you weekly in live group calls.

Application Coach ensures that you quickly and simply complete the PMP application that will be accepted.

Scott Payne will make you a question solving machine by teaching you the skills to make hard pmp questions easy!

Unlimited Access to 3 Live Coaching Calls EVERY Week!

Coaching Full

FREE Lean Six Sigma Green Belt to make you a better project manager

Build on your PMP success and skyrocket your project skills by learning critical process improvement techniques you can put into action in every project to drive bottom-line improvement quickly with lifetime access to our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt eCourse.

Lean Six Sigma Certification eCourse FREE. 

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Learning Easy

That's exactly why these students excelled on the PMP exam.

PMP Course Structure & Approach
P.M.I. R.E.P. R.E.P. #4347
35 Contact Hours
PMP Training Slides
Exam Pass Guarantee Tons of Fine Print Issues
Case Story Learning Approach
Proven Step-by-Step Study Workbook
PMP Support System
Access to Class Recordings
PMP Application Coaching
1,403 Question PMP Simulator Access 30 days Lifetime Access
PMP Case Story Focused Video eCourse Lifetime Access
Online PMP Speed Study Tools Lifetime Access
Amazon Best-Selling PMP eBook
PMP Coaching
Weekly PMP Application Coaching
Weekly PMP Accountability Coach
Custom Post-Class Study Plan
Created by Your PMP Accountability Coach
Scott Payne's Invite Online Coaching Sessions
Hard PMP Questions Made Easy
Weekly Live Coaching Calls Until You Pass!
PDUs and Career Support
After You Pass Your PMP Exam
Six Sigma Green Belt Certification ($890 value)
85 PDUs for PMP Re-certification

PMP Accountability Coaching

You get individualized support to guide you to your PMP success.  Your personal PMP accountability coach builds your custom post class study plan and coaches you until you pass!

You'll get better every week through weekly live-online group coaching calls that:

  • Help you stay on pace
  • Answer your biggest questions quickly
  • Ensures you are ready to ace the exam 
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PMP Application Coaching

Eliminate your worry about your PMP application.

In the live PMP Application Coaching Hour your coach will guide you step-by-step to:

  • Distill your project experience
  • Quickly create project descriptions
  • Create the perfect PMP application
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Hard PMP Questions Made Easy
LIVE with Scott

Become a PMP Question solving machine learning LIVE from the world's most innovative PMP mind, Scott Payne.

Learn directly from Scott weekly as he teaches you to:

  • Easily deconstruct the hardest PMP questions
  • Find the "best" answer that PMI wants
  • Avoid common mistakes that kill most student's scores

** High-interactive coaching sessions. **
You will be prepared to dominate the PMP questions!

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Better Free
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FREE PDUs to Re-certify your PMP

To maintain your PMP, you must take extra classes every 3 years.
We eliminate this stress and cost by giving you FREE access to courses that provide 85 PDUs you will use to re-certify.

Not only does this save you money, but you also improve your project skills!  (WIN - WIN)


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Elevate your project skills by completing your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification directly after getting your PMP.

Our fully accredited, self-guided program will teach you how to get more out of your projects quickly.  And, you'll have lifetime access so you can always find the support you need!

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