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7 Day Accelerator by PM Master Prep Logo

What is the 7-Day Accelerator?

What Exactly Is the Difference Between the 7-Day Accelerator and a Boot Camp?

The Difference
  • 7 Modules of Breakthrough PMP Lessons in the 7-Day Accelerator eCourse
    (So the PMP Finally Makes Logical Sense and You Can Actually Understand It)
  • Personalized Study Plan Aligned To YOUR Ideal Exam Date
    (So You Know EXACTLY What To Do To Be 100% Sure You Are Ready On Your Date
    & You Never Waste A Second Studying The Wrong Thing)
  • Hard Questions Made Easy Coaching Calls LIVE EVERY Week
    (Teach You Exactly How to Solve The HARDEST Situational Questions
  • Personal PMP Accountability Coaching EVERY Week
    (Coaches Hold You Accountable In Following the Plan & Support You Every Step)
  • Continual Exam Readiness Assessment:
    (Twice a week EVERY Week Your Coach Will Assess Your Progress And Tell You If You Are Ready Or The Exact Areas You Need To Improve)
  • Coaching UNTIL YOU PASS Guarantee + 35 Contact Hours + Lifetime Access
    (96.47% 1st Attempat Pass Rate. We support every student until they pass)

I created it to solve the problems of PMP students just like you,
who have been left behind by traditional boring PMP bootcamps,
so that you can finally make sense of the PMBOK
and feel 100% confident that you will pass the exam.

Let Me Show You How It Works.

We Give You Everything You Need
and Coach You Step-by-Step to Success

When You Join, You Get Lifetime Access to All of This.

This is NOT a Traditional Memorization Bootcamp. This IS Your Personalized PMP Coaching Program. (1)
Copy of Copy of Copy of The Accelerator Difference

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Jenna Lenskold
Knew Nothing About the PMP
Passed in 10 Days!

Allison Ruyak
Day 1: Never Heard of PMBOK
Day 15: Aced the PMP

Ian Johnston
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Actually Learned with Accelerator

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