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PMP Exam Simulator

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It takes study, practice, and repetition to successfully pass the pmp exam. So we built our pmp exam simulator to give you unlimited retakes and unlimited account access!

Our test engine has over 1200 questions and each time you launch a pmp simulated exam you will get a unique test. We randomly draw questions from our test bank and intelligently deliver them to you in the correct proportion based PMI's exam content outline.

Your results will then be provided for your overall test score and by process group so that you can further direct your studies where necessary.

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  • Each Exam is 200 Questions, Delivered to You in Proportion Based on PMI's Exam Content Outline

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Practice Tests by Knowledge Area

PMP Tests by Knowledge Area

Practice Before & After the PMP Exam Simulator

Use our 10-question Knowledge Area practice tests to get comfortable with every knowledge area of the PMBOK guide.

Then, after taking a simulated pmp exam you can return, to practice on your specific areas of weakness. Our knowledge area practice tests cover all ten PMI knowledge areas covered by the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition.

Just like our PMP exam simulator, all ten of these knowledge are practice tests can be taken any number of times and each time they randomly deliver questions from our question pool. You'll never get the same test twice.

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Practice Tests by Process Group

PMP Exam Simulator

Tune Your Skills and Master Each Process Group

Use our 20-question Process Group practice tests to perfect your test taking skills and assure your readiness for the PMP Exam.

Each process group practice test will give you results by category as well as an overall score. All five PMI process groups are covered. These tests give you an opportunity to specifically master each group. This is an important feature given that the PMP Exam content outline is based on these process groups.

Just like our PMP exam simulator, all ten of these knowledge are practice tests can be taken any number of times and each time they randomly deliver questions from our question pool. You'll never get the same test twice.

Review Any of Your Past Tests

Review Any Previous Test You've Taken

Within your account you can access any test you've already taken.

From the list of tests taken, you can see your scores and access any test to review every question. You'll be able to see each question, your response and the correct response.

Each question will have a feedback response that provides rational as to which response is the correct answer and why.

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Want More Detail? Ok, Let's Dive In

The PMP® exam uses six main question types to test your project management skills and knowledge.
So it should go without saying but we'll say it anyway, our PMP Exam Simulator tests you on all six question types:


Situational Questions

Situational questions are longer questions formulated to challenge your decision-making skills in “real-life” project management situations.

As these questions may offer multiple correct answers, you must select the best response.


You are a new project manager and have been assigned to estimate a project’s costs. You go to a senior project manager who has been working in the company for 10 years and ask his advice. He recommends that you increase your cost estimate by 25% since management always cuts the project budget by 25% before approving a project. What should you do?

  • Inflate each task’s cost estimate by 25%.
  • Present the actual cost estimate with a brief explanation of the impact of a budget cut on the project.
  • Add a contingency reserve equal to 25% of the costs.
  • Present the actual cost estimate along with a letter stating that you will not manage the project if the budget is not approved as is.


Interpretation Questions

Interpretation questions require that you analyze the given facts and make the correct assessment or reach the correct conclusion.

The challenge with these questions is to apply project management principles to the facts presented. These questions may also provide a graph or performance metric.


Your project has a CPI value greater than 1.0. What does this indicate?

  • Actual costs are less than earned value
  • Actual costs are equal to earned value
  • Actual costs are greater than earned value
  • There is not enough information to reach a conclusion


Formula Questions

Formula questions require that you calculate the correct answer using data drawn from the information provided. The challenge is to remember the formulas and how to use them properly.

In the Cost Management: Monitoring and Controlling chapter, our PMPMasterPrep book provides you with an approach to ensuring accurate responses to all of these questions.


An equipment repair project has an actual total cost of $300,000 against a total budget of $400,000. The project is 75% complete. What is the earned value?

  • 0.75
  • $100,000
  • $300,000
  • Answer cannot be determined from the information provided


Definition Questions

Definition questions ask you to select the correct name of the concept, tool, or process described.

These are the simplest form of questions you will face. They will often include wording such as “is known as".


What technique uses the values of parameters from previous similar projects for estimating the same parameter or measure for a current project?

  • Reserve analysis
  • Three-point estimating
  • Parametric estimating
  • Analogous estimating


Knowledge Questions

Knowledge questions test your knowledge of foundational PMBOK® Guide structure and project management concepts.

The exam details factual knowledge of process groups, knowledge areas, and process components. Read the question carefully to determine exactly what is being asked!


In which knowledge area is the project charter developed?

  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management


Ethics and Professional Conduct Questions

Ethics and professional conduct questions test your ability to select the approach that best follows the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. There are four foundational values that will be of primary interest:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Respect
  3. Fairness
  4. Honesty

It is important that during your exam (and in your career), you never compromise any legal or regulatory requirements and always consider cultural, societal, and country-based norms.


You are the project manager of a large ship construction project in a foreign country. The VP of your primary welding contractor meets you for lunch and offers you a complimentary weekend vacation package at a local resort. Your company has no official policy on accepting gifts, and the VP stated that the previous project manager enjoyed a similar package last year. What is the best way to handle the offer?

  • Accept the package and pay the taxes on the value of the package
  • Accept the package, to not potentially offend regional customs
  • Politely turn down the vacation package
  • Refuse the package and report the VP to the local PMI chapter for an ethics violation

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