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Our PMP Instructor Materials Include

Courseware and Online Resources

Training Manual

Our PMP Exam Master Prep training manual is aligned to the PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition and Features 25 case studies, nearly 200 "Master Points" and a full simulated exam.

Training Slides

Our PMP Exam Master Prep training slides are aligned to the PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition. Instructors get the PowerPoint (pptx) files and your students get the .pdf files.

Exam Simulator

Our PMP® Exam simulator provide an exam that can be taken multiple times. It randomly delivers 200 questions proportionally aligned to PMI's exam content outline.

Online Study Resources

Our online study resources feature our "one click" deep-dive tools PM One ViewTM and I.T.T.O. InspectorTM as well as our EVM Calculator and Formulas & Calculations modal.

Help Your Students
Learn Faster, Retain More, Pass the Exam

PM Master Prep furnishes you with PMP instructor materials that will help your students "Learn Faster", Retain More", and "Pass the Exam". Our only goal is to help people pass the PMP exam. And, as a PMP instructor or training provider, you can take full advantage of our passion and expertise. You will be able to offer your students these unique advantages:

Our courseware covers the PMBOK® Guide content by "Process Group". More like how a normal project is conducted (other courses don’t do this!?)

Twenty five (25) life-like Case Studies following our hero John through his project management journey. Guaranteed to help your students!

Nearly 200 Master PointsTM that distill and deliver easy to consume, "key points"  ensuring your students take away the right information needed to pass the exam.

Our EVM Calculations Template provides you a simple method that you can use to guarantee your students get every EVM question right.

Your students will have unlimited access to our 1200+ question Exam Simulator along with other practice tests by Knowledge Area and Process Group.

Your New PMP Instructor Materials Will Be Accessible From

Anywhere in the World


No matter where you or your company is located, PM Master Prep partners will gain instant access to our digital courseware and online resources. This is the simplest and most affordable PMP and CAPM  training system available. Teach your courses on any continent and provide your students with downloadable pdf slides that match the PowerPoint slides your instructors will have access to. Your students and instructors also gain access to dozens of project management templates, online study resources, Knowledge Area and Process Group practice tests, exam simulators, forums, group and private chat.

How The Program Works

Purchase a PMP Instructor Material License

Get Your Registration License Keys

Your license key enables instructors and students to access our branded system or your White Label custom branded system. Instructors will be able to download PowerPoint files

Start Teaching PMP and CAPM Courses

PMP Instructor Material
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  • Instructor PowerPoint Files
  • Student Hardcopy Slide Set
  • PM Exam Master Prep Book
  • EVM Attack Manual
  • PMP Master Planner
  • PMP Exam Simulator
  • Knowkedge Area Tests
  • Process Group Tests
  • Case Study Videos
  • PM One-ViewTM
  • ITTO InspectorTM
  • EVM Calculator
  • Formulas & Calculations
  • Glossary & Forum
  • Group & Private Chat
  • Tools & Templates
  • eSlides
  • eBook
  • EVM eBook
  • ePlanner
  • Re-Branded Books & Assets
  • Re-Branded Online System

When You License our PMP Instructor Materials
You Get...

PMP Exam Master Prep

Training Manual

Your PMP Instructor Materials include our PMP Exam Master Prep training manual. This book is aligned to the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition and covers the content by Process Group rather than by Knowledge Area. It features 25 life-like case studies that follow our hero John through a project management journey touching on all the critical elements of key project management processes. Each case study is followed by questions that draw on the learners comprehension of the material. The book also includes approximately 200 Master Points that are key take-aways distilling critical information along with 200 simulated exam questions with answers and feedback.

The electronic version is included as a downloadble pdf for all system users of Digital and White Label licenees. A hard-copy version of the book (370 page perfect bound paperback) can be purchased online and will be shipped to the purchaser. White label clients will have their own branded cover!

Training Slides

When you use our PMP instructor materials you'll want your students to follow along with your course presentation. All students of Digial and White Label licenee's will have download access to the complete set of pdf training slides. And, your instructors will be able to download the PowerPoint files that enable you to teach courses in any format (online live, classroom training).

The slide set covers the entire PMOBK Guide 6th Edition content. We have organized the material to be covered by Process Group which more closely follows the progression of an actual project. Our case studies and Master Points are also provided within the slide set. Also, like our training manual, hard-copy versions (spiral bound, double-sided, 2 slides per page) can be purchased from our online system.

PMP Exam Prep Slides

Exam Simulator & Practice Tests

Students of Digital and White Label licensing clients will have access to our PMP and CAPM exam simulator which boasts over 1,200 test questions that are drawn randomly and delivered to the user proportionally as prescribed by PMI's exam content outline. Users will be able to take the test multiple times and not get the same test twice! All results will be displayed in aggregate as well as by category so your students will be able to see where their weaknesses are and focus their next learning session. Every question provides the user with a correct answer and rational as to why it's the correct answer .

Additionally, the system provides short practice tests organized by both Knowledge Area and Process Group. Users can target their learning and testing depending on their own needs.

Online Study Resources

Our online study resources and system features provide an exceptional learning environment for students of Digital and White Label license clients. The system includes Group and Private Chat enabling users to discuss topics or share learning. They can also tap into the forum and search for answers to common questions or post new topics.

More great study resources available are our "one click" deep-dive tools PM One ViewTM and I.T.T.O. InspectorTM. These tools are "reveal modals" that are incredibly easy to use, each providing a single page view of every process group, knowledge area and process and ITTO. Clicking on a process or ITTO will reveal its description. We also provide a Glossary, EVM Calculator and a reveal modal for key formulas & calculations.

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