PMP® Super SimulatorTM

Our PMP Super SimulatorTM combines our world class PMP Exam Simulator with our premier
PMP Study Resources to give you a comprehensive self-study test preparation program that will ensure you
Learn Faster, Retain More and Pass the PMP Exam!

PMP Exam  Simulator

  • PMP Exam Simulator with 1,400 Questions
  • Updated based on PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition
  • Unlimited Account Access and Unlimited Exam Retakes!
  • 15 Other Practice Tests by Knowledge Area and by Process Group
  • Professionally written by PMP experts
  • Provided by a PMI® Registered Education Provider
    Lean Sigma Corporation (REP #4347)

PMP Super Simulator

  • PMP Exam Simulator Plus..
  • PM One-ViewTM
  • I.T.T.O. InspectorTM
  • Formulas & Calculations
  • EVM Calculator
  • 25 Case Study Videos
  • Glossary, Forum, and Group & Private Chat

PMP Exam Simulator

Unlimited Account Access

Unlimited Simulated Exams

Tests by Knowledge Area

Tests by Process Group

Our pmp exam simulator randomly draws 200 questions from our growing pool of 1400 questions. Every time you start new simulated exam you will get a unique test. Questions are properly proportioned based on PMI's exam content outline. Test results provide you with correct answers and rational for the correct response. You also maintain the ability to go back and review any test you have taken and dive into each question.

Unlimited Account Access, Unlimited Exams, Never Get the Same Test Twice!

Test Results by Category Based on PMI's Exam Content Outline

Review Questions for Any Test Previously Taken

Practice Tests by Knowledge Area

Tests by Process Group

PMP Super Simulator

PMP Exam Simulator + PMP Study Resources

What turns our PMP exam simulator into the PMP Super SimulatorTM? Add a host of premium study resources like our PM One-View and ITTO Inspector tools or our Formulas & Calculations and EVM Calculator. The result is our PMP Super Simulator which is the most comprehensive, content-rich, self-directed, PMP exam prep system available.

PM One-ViewTM and I.T.T.O. InspectorTM

PM One-ViewTM

Only available with our PMP Super Simulator, our PM One-View™ and I.T.T.O. Inspector™ tools are each unique online pages of the most important PMBOK® Guide content that can be accessed just by clicking links. Each link instantly opens a description of the item and offers further related links for deep dives into every Process Group, Knowledge Area, Process, and ITTO

The very short video demonstrates the layout and functionality of our PM One-View page and shows you just how deep and comprehensive you can get into the PMBOK Guide content with just the click of a link.

EVM Formulas & Calculations

Learn every EVM formula and calculation using our definitions, examples and result interpretations. Our Formulas and Calculations page is yet another invaluable online study aid that allows users to quickly access EVM calculations, their definitions and even review complete examples of how each formula can be used in a life-like project situation. Every important equation is covered in detail and includes those listed below. Further below that is a quick video demonstrating the functionality of the page.

  • Earned Value (EV)
  • Planned Value (PV)
  • Actual Cost (AC)
  • Budget at Completion (BAC)
  • Cost Variance (CV)
  • Schedule Variance (SV)
  • Variance at Completion (VAC)
  • Cost Performance Index (CPI)
  • Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
  • Estimate at Completion (EAC)
  • Estimate to Complete (ETC)
  • To Complete Perf. Index (TCPI)
  • Standard Deviation
  • 3 Point Estimating (triangular)
  • 3 Point Estimating (beta)
  • Float / Slack
  • # Communication Channels

EVM Calculator Providing Custom Results

Custom EVM calculations and interpretations with 4 simple inputs using our EVM Calculator.

Case Study Videos

Follow our hero John on his project management journey through our

25 case study videos highlighting key aspects of PMBOK® Processes.

Case Study Videos

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Our PMP Exam Simulator is housed in a system that includes a user forum for users to get questions answered by our moderators or research the answers to other peoples questions already posted. The system also has an extensive Project Management Glossary and a Group & Private Chat feature allowing users to chat with one-another as a group or find particular users form the logged-in list of users and chat with them privately.

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