58 Great PMP Exam Questions Decoded


Skyrocket your ability to get MORE and HARDER
Questions Correct on the PMP Exam!


Transform your exam day skills by watching best-selling PMP author Scott Payne decompose real questions and navigate to the RIGHT ANSWER. Scott gives you all the pearls of wisdom necessary to recognize the various question types, what specifically each question is asking you and how to interpret question-intent. You will not be fooled during your exam after watching this video training! In this 2 hour plus video training, Scott walks you step-by-step through his thought process in decoding and solving the difficult questions you will face on the PMP exam. During this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Simplify the confusing situational questions that you will face on the PMP exam
  • Uncover the hidden keywords in questions to lead you directly to the right answer
  • Manage your time during the exam by following the “Scott-o-doro” method
  • Increase your chances of answering confusing questions correctly by leveraging Scott’s proven question cracking techniques
  • Maximize your score by finding the questions you know first and building momentum

This course was originally only provided to select corporate clients, now for a limited time, it has been released to everyone.

Get this video course will it is still available and get the skills that will help you get the Above Target PMP score you know you deserve.


About the Author

Scott Payne, PMP, LSSBB, CSM, MBA, BS Systems Engineering

Scott Payne is a best-selling PMP author and the founder of PM Master Prep.

As the creator of the worlds first Case Story focused PMP training method, Scott has decoded the PMP study process to make it easier for you.



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