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Pass the PMP Exam in 6 weeks
WITHOUT memorizing anything!
(from the comfort of your own home)


My name is Scott Payne and I have broken the PMP code.
Everything thinks preparing for the PMP exam has to be difficult, confusing, and boring.
Sad fact:  If you study like everyone else... the PMP is really hard.
I struggled for weeks following the traditional memorization focused study approach.

Then I stumbled on 3 secrets that changed everything...

  • 1 Memorizing actually HURTS your chances of passing the PMP exam.
  • 2 You MUST know how the PMP processes connect in order to be 100% sure you can answer the exam's situational questions.
  • 3 The best way to learn the PMP connections is to study in the FLOW of a REAL PROJECT!

I gave up on memorizing and I created a PMP case story to teach myself to pass.
The case story simplified the PMP so it finally made sense.
It allowed me to use my experience as a project manager to ace the exam!
Now I will teach you to ace the exam using my case story learning method.

Join My Instructor Led Live-Online PMP Training.

I give you EVERYTHING you need to ace the PMP exam.
(Don't settle for boring memorization-focused traditional PMP training)

  • Online-Live Training Sessions Taught by Scott Payne (ONLY 4 hours / week)
  • 35 Contact Hours (Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute (PMI)®)
  • Amazon Best-Selling Case Story PMP eBook and eSlides (Learn as a story)
  • Exam Pass Guarantee (We Support You Until You Succeed)
  • Lifetime Access to PMP Video eCourse (150 fast focused videos... learn anytime)
  • Lifetime Access to 1403 Question PMP Simulator (Build your exam
  • Live Group Coaching Calls with Scott Weekly (Get your questions answered live)

Pick the class schedule that works best for you.

I will handle the rest.


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