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"How to Ace the PMP Exam Without Memorizing a Thing"

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I have a confession...

Studying for the PMP exam left me confused, frustrated, and worried

There I was, a consultant (on the road 48 weeks a year) and a new father trying to avoid missing out on a better job that would help allow me to stay home with my growing family.  I had the work experience, but I didn’t have the PMP certification that was required.

I knew I had less than 90 days to get my PMP certification or I would be passed over for the awesome job, that I would be great in, that would allow me to see my young son every day.

However, I was overwhelmed in my role and had little time to study.  I knew I had to make moves quickly because I took a simulated exam and my score proved I wasn’t ready to pass the exam.



I'm Scott Payne and I am the author of a best selling PMP training book and course.

More importantly, I am the guy who will help you pass the PMP FASTER and WITH SO MUCH LESS STRESS.

Early on I really struggled to build my PMP skills and knowledge.  I was so overwhelmed and scared I would fail the PMP.  Maybe you’re in that exact spot right now.  That is why it is so important that you read my little story.

I am going to share with you how I transformed myself from confused, frustrated, and worried to a confident student who got Above Target on the PMP exam in just 58 days.

I started studying by doing what everyone told me to do…I read the PMBOK

Reading the PMBOK left me more confused, stressed and discouraged.

I wasted hours trying to understand the PMBOK

Most nights it put me to sleep.

I tried hard to make sense of the PMBOK.

Sure it’s long (756 pages), but I thought if I read it from cover to cover I would learn exactly what I needed to know.  

The reality was...
the PMBOK overwhelmed me with PMP details and no connections.


I tried a popular PMP eCourse too, it didn’t help either…

Remember, I had to learn quickly, the job application closed soon.
I thought the big name PMP eCourse I bought online would be the answer… it wasn’t.

I needed someone to break through the confusion and explain what really mattered…in a way that made sense.

Instead, I learned that the eCourse had Long Boring Videos and traditional PMP training has serious flaws.

As my exam date got closer, I knew I wouldn’t pass

Situational questions were my kryptonite! The PMP exam is full of situational questions…. Unfortunately, I kept getting them wrong!

No matter how good I got at memorizing every input, output, and tool and technique...I STILL MISSED TOO MANY SITUATIONAL QUESTIONS…

The eCourse and PMBOK dumped tons of facts on me related to individual processes and knowledge areas, but it was clear that process facts weren’t helping me answer situational questions.

PMP situational questions NEVER ask about just one process or knowledge area.
Instead, they ALWAYS asked about how processes interacted.
More specifically, they asked, “what would the process manager do next?”  More often than not, I had no idea.

I knew there had to be a better way, but everyone kept telling me the same thing, (memorize!)

But my experience had taught me:

  • Memorizing just didn’t work… (my problems with situational questions proved that)
  • Studying by knowledge area left holes in my understanding… (questions never asked about just one knowledge area)
  • Working harder wasn’t the answer…. (I was wearing myself to the bone, but barely improving)

I needed a fresh perspective,
I was running out of time...
I couldn’t afford to fail….

But, I had nowhere to turn,
everyone taught in the same BORING and INEFFECTIVE way!

Then I came to three conclusions,
that changed everything

These three conclusions hit me like a bolt of lightning and woke me up in the middle of the night! Once I realized them…

I instantly knew exactly why the traditional PMP eCourse wasn’t working!

Even better, I knew what I had to do to transform my learning!!!
(which is good because no other PMP book or course could help me)

PMP Success Facts:

(These will eliminate weeks of pain and frustration for you!!!)

Fact 1:   Memorizing actually HURTS your chances of passing the PMP exam

Fact 2:   Mastering the PMP’s situational questions IS NOT about Memorization…

You must know how the processes connect

Fact 3:  The best way to learn the connections is to study in the FLOW of a REAL PROJECT!!!

These three facts finally answered the most important PMP question:

“If I was successfully leading projects for a living… why was it so hard and difficult
to apply that knowledge to the PMP exam?”


I decided to use my process improvement skills to reinvent the PMP

I asked myself… If I don’t run my projects in silos,

(only thinking about scope, then schedule, then cost… never thinking about them together)

WHY in the heck would I study PMP by knowledge area silo!?!

The PMBOK and the eCourse had one thing in common… they were organized by Knowledge Area silo! (plus they were boring). Teaching PMP by knowledge area was the HUGE problem keeping me from seeing the bigger picture!
I needed to see the bigger picture to answer situational questions.

It seemed so obvious…

I made a bold decision…

I gave up on the eCourse and memorizing


I started teaching myself the PMP in the flow of a real project

I started where every project starts… developing a project charter.
Then I went process by process as I would running a real project.

I decoded the PMP material by:

  • Organizing the processes in the flow of a real project (things actually made sense)
  • Distilling down what really mattered (not memorizing everything)
  • Defining how the process connected (the “KEY” to situational questions)
  • Creating a real-life case story (to bring the boring PMBOK alive)

The impact was immediate, I saw the PMP from a totally new perspective.
I didn’t have to waste my time memorizing.
Instead, I saw the logic behind every process and how they all connected.
Breaking from the traditional PMP study process helped me Learn Faster and Retain More!

The entire PMP world now made perfect sense

Best of all, my PMP simulator scores GOT WAY BETTER…FAST

I no longer feared situational questions… In fact, I loved them.
I was now repeatably scoring 91 to 94% on my PMP practice exams!  (I started with a 54%)

It was only 58 days after giving up on the eCourse and memorizing.  (CRAZY Fast learning)

I had broken the PMP code… I could answer ANY situational question.
I NOW knew I was ready to ace the PMP exam.

On exam day I walked in confident…
ready for any situational question they could throw at me

I’ll admit it, the exam wasn’t easy, but I was prepared.
The first few questions tested me.

As I moved along my momentum grew.
I was slicing through situational questions just like I practiced with the case story!

After 3 hours and 48 minutes I was done with the exam…

I paused for 15 seconds and submitted my PMP exam
I could feel my heartbeat as I waited for my results



Best of all, I could get the new job and spend more time with my family!

Passing the PMP instantly changed my life.

Then I realized...

Learning by Case Story worked for me…
I have to help more PMP students!

If I struggled while studying…there had to be other people who were struggling too.
I committed myself to helping them by creating a PMP eCourse that followed my innovative PMP method.

The result is amazing…

Introducing the PMP Success Masterclass


You will learn faster, retain more, and pass the PMP exam
without struggling, stressing, or memorizing like I did initially…

Full of Fast, Focused, and Engaging Videos
This Masterclass is designed to ensure
you are prepared to slay the PMP exam without any memorization.

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