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HI! I’M SCOTT PAYNE - Welcome to my PMP Exam Simulator.

I'm am the Co-Founder of PM Master Prep and author of my best selling book "PMP Exam Master Prep". I'm the guy that tore up the PMBOK Guide and re-organized it so that it made sense. Now, I'm super-excited to be able to help you prepare for your PMP certification. I have soo many people succeeding with my super simulator that I'm pumped to offer you my 100% guarantee that this will be the best PMP Exam Simulator in the WORLD! And, if you don't agree I'll give you your money back - No Questions Asked.

My Simulator Will Ensure You Pass The PMP Exam!

Learn Faster, Retain More, and Pass the PMP Exam

Our PMP Exam Simulator randomly draws 200 questions from our growing pool of 1400 questions. Questions are properly proportioned based on PMI's exam content outline. Test results provide you with correct answers and rationale for the correct response. You also maintain the ability to go back and review any tests you have taken and dive into each question.

  • Unlimited Test Retakes

  • Includes Tests by Process Group

  • Includes Test by Knowledge Area

  • Includes our Speed Study Tools

Hear What Others Have to Say!

I have cleared the PMP exam! I would like to thank PMP Master Prep for providing me with great resources to deep dive into the subject. Really enjoyed the book and simulator was really helpful and made me "exam ready". I would like to thank Scott as well, who guided me throughout the process. The most important thing that I realized while preparing is that PMP is not just about knowing all the processes, groups or knowledge areas but a deep understanding and interrelation of these factors are imperative. PMP Master Prep really helped me with that. Thanks again!

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My Users Announcing Their Victory! Makes Me Proud!

Read real comments from my users on my Group Chat feature.


Hello everyone, I nailed my PMP yesterday and I can't really express how happy I am! It was a kick-ass exam that reminded me of the GMAT, only that the PMP was tougher. I really feel like a million bucks now and I can help anyone with my humble thoughts for preparing for their PMP if Scott doesn't mind.

Lisa DeMoux

I passed! Thank you for the simulators! Very helpful and so close to the real test.




I wanted to give a shout out to the PM Master Prep team for their product. I cleared the PMP. The simulator really helped!

Michael Sam

I passed my exam today 3d attempt! This course works! I will provide an analysis to within the week, my immediate advice, have a test strategy going into the test, I refused to answer anything first time thru unless I was 100% certain. Took me 1 hour to go thru the first 100 questions, I didn't answer 100 questions just review took me 2.5 hrs to get thru all 200 again I had many not answered, I marked all questions that needed formulas and didn't attempt any formulas until the end of my exam, I was going to mark all questions that were 3 sentences or longer but all the questions were 3 sentences or more. Folks it ain't easy but trust me, you can pass! Thanks Scott, great mentor-ship and to your team!

Kavi Balleram

Good Day, just like to say I passed by PMP exam today. 4 Above Target and 1 Below Target.


Congrats Kavi. I too had my exam today, and also passed!


Hello guys. Just passed the PMP exam! 4AT and 1T. Thanks and the best of luck to all


Hi everyone. I scored above target on my CAPM exam today. The tests will definitely help. Have a great Christmas! Take care!!


I have cleared my PMP on 20th Dec'18 with passing score "Above target"


Guys....I passed the exam on 24th December


Today I passed the PMP exam from the first time. I want to thank pm master prep team I only bought the pm simulator and it's worth every penny. I will recommend this website for everyone thank you so much for making my goal of becoming a certified PMP in 2018 reality. I hope that you all pass the exam.


Hello everyone from Uruguay! I just made my way to Buenos Aires' prometric center and I got a perfect ace this morning. After having passed the exam my first thought is that the answers in this platform are a very good asset to prepare and calibrate oneself.


Hi Guys, Feeling Proud to inform each one of you.. that I successfully cleared my PMP exam yesterday!! A Big Thanks to pmmasterprep !! Cheers


I passed the PMP today! PMP simulator was very instrumental in my success, and having access to group chat.


Gentlemen, yesterday I passed the PMP Exam, Thanks to Allah


Dear All, Good news to share, Cleared my PMP exam today!

Why Is My PMP Exam Simulator Better?

Because I'm the Only PMP Exam Prep Provider That Gives You..

Account Access

Simulated Exams

Tests by
Knowledge Area

Account Access


A Simulator That Simulates!

It takes study, practice, and repetition to successfully pass the PMP exam. So we built our PMP exam simulator to give you unlimited retakes and unlimited account access!

Our test engine has over 1400 questions and each time you launch a PMP simulated exam you will get a unique test. We randomly draw questions from our test bank and intelligently deliver them to you in the correct proportion based PMI's exam content outline.

Your results will then be provided for your overall test score and by process group so that you can further direct your studies where necessary.


Practice Before & After the PMP Exam Simulator

Use our 10-question Knowledge Area practice tests to get comfortable with every knowledge area of the PMBOK guide.

Then, after taking a simulated PMP exam you can return, to practice on your specific areas of weakness. Our knowledge area practice tests cover all ten PMI knowledge areas covered by the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition.

Just like our PMP exam simulator, all ten of these Knowledge Area practice tests can be taken any number of times and each time they randomly deliver questions from our question pool. You'll get a new random test every time.


Tune Your Skill and Master Each Process Group

Use our 20-question Process Group practice tests to perfect your test-taking skills and assure your readiness for the PMP Exam.

Each process group practice test will give you results by category as well as an overall score. All five PMI process groups are covered. These tests give you an opportunity to specifically master each group. This is an important feature given that the PMP Exam content outline is based on these process groups.

Just like our PMP exam simulator, all ten of these Knowledge Area practice tests can be taken any number of times and each time they randomly deliver questions from our question pool. You'll never get the same test twice.

Review Any Previous Test You've Taken

Within your account, you can access any test you've already taken.

From the list of tests taken, you can see your scores and access any test to review every question. You'll be able to see each question, your response, and the correct response.

Each question will have a feedback response that provides rational as to which response is the correct answer and why.

And For a Limited Time, I'm Including These Bonuses!

Bonus #2 - Project Management Tools

Improve Your Productivity with our Project Management Templates

These templates will not only help you in your present-day job, but they will also give you literal examples of the types of documents referenced throughout the entire project management framework.

XLS (2)

(Value: $197)

Bonus #3 - Community Success Tools

Engage, Share, Learn Through Our Community Success Tools

One of the highest-value features of our program is that you will be part of an aspiring and engaged community able to chat, post, learn, share. We have a forum, Group Chat, and Private Chat where you can make inquiries to any/all users or select one from the logged in list and chat with them directly.


(Value: Priceless)

Bonus #4 - Private Members Facebook Group

Join Our Egaged Community Seeking PMP Certification

Direct access to Scott sharing his insights through posts, videos, and Facebook Live. This bonus will grant you access to Scott's "Members Only" PMP Exam Prep Facebook Group. Ask Questions! Get Answers! Contribute To Each Other's Learning. It's Our Safe Learn-Share Environment.

Asset 2

(Value: Priceless)


Scott Payne's PMP Exam Simulator

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