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Description: Scott’s PMP Success Masterclass is a 100% stand-alone eMasterclass. The course includes Scott’s Agile Made Easy course as well his the PMP exam Simulator. 

The PMP Success Masterclass
Check out the lessons of the Masterclass!

PMP Case Story Breakthrough

  • The Perfect Preparation for the Exam’s Situational Questions
  • 25 Life-Like Case Stories help you “see” the PMP processes that you can actually remember!
  • Learning through the Case Story Hero’s mistakes… helps you get more questions right on the exam!

Initiating Secrets

  • Ensure You Ace 13% of the Entire Exam by learning the clear logic and outputs of these two processes
  • Simplify Initiating Questions by seeing the of inputs to outputs.
  • Build the strong foundation you need by understanding the often overlooked key outputs

Planning Simplified

  • Ace 24% of the exam by learning the “real” purpose of the planning process group
  • Eliminate the need to study 10 processes by understanding 1 key fact that simplifies everything
  • Uncover how JUST 9 key processes control the outputs for every process in the PMBOK

Executing Decoded

  • Skyrocket Your Score by learning the MOST important outputs for every Executing process
  • Simplify 31% of the exam by learning the logical flow of deliverables through the PMP
  • Set yourself up for success in Monitoring and Controlling by understanding how the process groups interact

Monitoring and Controlling Streamlined

  • Get 25% of the exam questions right by mastering the three key flows that dominate the M/C process group
  • Get every Earned Value Management question correct with a simple template the guides you directly to the answer EVERYTIME
  • Pull everything together by understanding how Planning and M/C interact (THIS IS KEY!!!)

The Closing Solution

  • Guarantee you get 7% of the questions correct!
  • Learn the key role that accepted deliverables play and the multiple documents that must be produced
  • Master the documents that the PMBOK defines must be produced to officially close a project

Exam Day Battle Plan

    • Walk into the exam with confidence prepared with my PROVEN exam day plan
    • Stop stressing over exam day by learning my method to “Dump the Data Dump”
  • Simplify question-solving by mastering the 7 most important words on the exam.
  • Manage your exam time expertly using my insanely effective time management method

PLUS! Agile Made Easy

Agile Made Easy

This “Agile Made Easy” course is unlike any other available to aspiring PMP candidates. Through Scott’s Masterclass and Agile Made Easy, along with the PMP Exam Simulator and Study Resources, you are guaranteed to be ready to CRUSH the PMP EXAM! See the next tab for are all the lessons that make up this Premier course.

      Agile Made Easy Lessons:
      Total Duration – 4 Hours

      • Agile Made Easy in 32 Minutes
      • Agile Manifesto – 16 Minutes
      • Servant Leadership – 7.5 Minutes
      • Agile Umbrella – 2.5 Minutes
      • Ideal Agile Environment – 6 Minutes
      • Understanding Agile Team Roles – 2 Minutes
      • Product Owner Explained – 4.5 Minutes
      • Agile Team Explained – 6 Minutes
      • Scrum Master Explained – 13.5 Minutes
      • Agile Roles: 3 Perspectives – 2.5 Minutes
      • Ideal Agile Workspace – 6 Minutes
      • Agile Project Charter – 3.75 Minutes
      • Product Backlog Preparation – 7 minutes
      • User Stories – 12.5 minutes
      • Product Backlog Refinement – 13.5 minutes
      • Sprint Planning and Backlog – 8 minutes
      • Daily Standup – 10 minutes
      • Kanban Boards – 6 minutes
      • Demo/Review – 4.5 minutes
      • Retrospective – 4.5 minutes
      • Measuring Agile Progress- 7 minutes
      • Agile PMP Practice Questions – 1 minute
      • Agile PMP Practice Question #1 – 7.5 minutes
      • Agile PMP Practice Question #2 – 7.5 minutes
      • Agile PMP Practice Question #3 – 7.5 minutes
      • Agile PMP Practice Question #4 – 8 minutes
      • Agile PMP Practice Question #5 – 9.5 minutes
      • Agile PMP Practice Question #6 – 10 minutes
      • Agile PMP Practice Question #7 – 7 minutes
      • Agile PMP Practice Question #8 – 7 minutes

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