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PMP Exam Prep Flashcards perfect for the new PMP Exam by PM Master Prep
PMP Exam Prep Flashcards perfect for the new PMP Exam by PM Master Prep

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What are the Flashcards?

  • 100% aligned to the NEW PMP® Exam
  • 714 key concepts you must know to pass the NEW PMP®
  • Covers Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid topics
  • Simplifies everything in an easy-to-understand logic
  • Rugged Spiral bound and thick glossy paper

The Flashcards are A TIMESAVER 

Learn everything you need to know to ace the exam.
The flashcards are aligned with the new PMP Exam and the PMBOK Guide, 7th Edition.

Master the 714 Most Important Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid exam concepts you must know to pass.
Every concept is explained in a simple to understand way so you can stop memorizing and actually learn!

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“These flashcards were an absolute lifesaver!”
Kim Acevedo
“The flashcards do an awesome job breaking down important material.”
Rob Wistrom
“These flashcards are small and jam-packed with a lot of information!”
Sabrina Barnhart

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the Perfect Exam
Prep Flashcards

Covers Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid topics so you can quickly study everything in one spot which means no more wasting time and money frantically searching for more PMP® help.

PMP Exam Prep Flashcards perfect for the new PMP Exam by PM Master Prep

100% aligned to the NEW PMP® Exam so you can be 100% confident you will pass and get the career validation you deserve.

714 key concepts you must know to pass the NEW PMP® exam so you can laser focus on what matters most which means you can get the PMP® done faster and move on with your life.

Simplifies everything in an easy-to-understand logic (No Confusing Mumbo Jumbo) so you can finally understand the most complicated PMP® concepts which means you will be able to stop memorizing and actually learn!

Rugged Spiral bound and thick glossy paper so you can take them anywhere which means you can finally have a simple way to study in your busy life. (lowering your stress and anxiety)

Learn Faster, Finally Understand the Most Complicated Exam Concepts

Created for you by Amazon Best-Selling Author Scott Payne.  The creator of the world’s only case story focused PMP exam prep and PM Master Prep’s Accelerator No-Memorization Process.  Scott Payne’s training methods have delivered real success for real students.   

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You just started studying for the exam

You’re stuck, confused, in need of a breakthrough

You’re in the final prep stage and need to increase your confidence before exam day

100% Aligned to the New Exam

Be 100% confident you will pass.

714 Must Know Key Concepts 

Focus on what matters most.

Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid topics

Study everything in one place.

Prepare Effectively and Feel Ready

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Hear Why Students Love the Flashcards

June 4, 2021.
Excellent Program PM Master Prep is an excellent program. I highly recommend this program over any boot camp that is currently out there. The staff truly cares about helping you reach that major milestone of conquering the PMP Exam and they are truly dedicated to you.
Sara Jadhav
Sara Jadhav
June 4, 2021.
The Best PMP Training! My experience with PMP training was amazing with PM Master Prep. Scott and his team are immensely helpful, kind, humble and supportive. The course is designed in such a way that my 9-year-old could understand the project management skills. Scott has put his heart and soul to make the PMP journey smooth to everyone. I have been through other trainers to learn PMP and failed the exam, because I could not understand the logic and flow behind the process. I used to always have “Why?” in my mind without knowing exact context. I knew am missing something and that something nobody knows how to teach. I found Scott on YouTube, thought to give it a try, and signed up for PM Master Prep. In Scott’s program, I could see the flow and logic of each and every processes. I am so glad that I got trained Agile Methodology for first time through Scott. As he titles the course “Agile Made Easy”, truly it was that simple and easy to understand Agile Methodology, and I am sure I would have got lost if I had learnt from other trainers. Scott’s question solving technique has helped me solving the situational questions, so I could start seeing the answers popping up to my eyes from the list. Finally, the missing part I talked about earlier, I found it in Scott, he has that recipe to success. The other best part of the PM Master Prep is having two coaching calls, one with Scott (to solve hard questions) and other with Salvador (accountability coach). During the accountability coaching call, Salvador would put us on schedule to study for exam and was keeping track on how I was doing. The feedback and comments received through coaching calls and from peers are invaluable. I must say thank you to Sandy for all her help and support as well through her coaching calls. I get goosebumps to say this, I felt the presence of Scott and Salvador during my exam, and that was the most precious thing to know that someone has got my back. The entire PMP training journey was awesome, and you come out not only with the PMP certificate but also as a better person. I am so proud to say that I got trained from Scott Payne-A great teacher!
Robert Tatz
Robert Tatz
June 3, 2021.
PM Master Prep is so much better than the rest PM Master Prep is different from everyone else... They are not your run of the mill test prep site!! I found Scott and PM Master Prep after having a horrible experience with another prep company that was advertised on PMI's website. It was truly death by PowerPoint and the company’s method of learning was solely memorization. Searching for a better way, I came across Scott’s audio book on Audible. After listening to a couple of chapters, I could really identify with Scott’s teaching methods and was impressed how he tied the learning to case stories. In between chapters of the book, Scott mentioned his website which of course I had to check out. Five minutes after filling out the online information request form my phone rang… it was Scott. Scott invited me to participate in a Hard Questions Made Easy session before committing to the program. The rest is history. I passed the PMP with three above targets. Thank you Scott!!
Jody Pederson
Jody Pederson
June 2, 2021.
Fantastic experience prepping for the PMP Exam with Scott's team at PM Master Prep. Highly recommended for any aspiring PMPs!
Elvira Vargas-Lennard
Elvira Vargas-Lennard
June 2, 2021.
FIVE STARTS ALL THE WAY I found extremely helpful the coaching calls hard questions made easy. I followed Scott's steps to answer the questions (align, understand, assert, evaluate, decide, and improve). The simulator quizzes by process group and knowledge areas were key to assess my knowledge and improve the areas where I was getting low scores. I also took advantage of the flash cards, and Scott's book and excellent tips to answer the questions. Scott even scheduled a one-on-one coaching call three days prior to my PMP exam. PMP Master Coaches were instrumental for my success in passing the PMP exam. I am really grateful for their guidance and support throughout my journey of preparing for the PMP exam as well as acquiring project management skills that I am now applying in my work projects.
Kele Shopane
Kele Shopane
May 29, 2021.
PM Master Prep team/family has the best recipe to help PMP aspirants to succeed on their certification journey and furthermore, enhance the holistic project management skills and experience. I would recommend them to anyone on any day. I had the best preparation experience ever, and obtained more than I hoped for. Mission accomplished with the help of PM Master Prep.
May 28, 2021.
If your looking for PM structure and training (PMP cert included)... This program wasn't limited to succeeding in the test but in the project management skill set. It was a great learning experience and training for my day to day work as a project manager. Thank you for the great help and support!
Amy Goldsmith, PMP
Amy Goldsmith, PMP
May 27, 2021.
PM Master Prep Rates ABOVE TARGET!!! There are no words to thank Scott and his team for being an instrumental part in my PMP journey and success story. Hearing Scott logically decode the PMBOK was the first time that I knew I COULD succeed. Scott, Coach David, and Coach Sandy were there every step of the way to guide and assist me with any questions that I had. The support system is like no other. Don't let the PMBOK, Agile, or Hybrid items get you stressed! PM Master Prep will welcome you into their family with open arms to get you ready to MASTER THE PMP! I not only passed, but received 3 ABOVE TARGETS in the domain areas - people, process, and business environment.
Tonia Lott
Tonia Lott
May 27, 2021.
I’m forever grateful! I took a 4 day Boot Camp and was told once I started testing 80% or higher on their exam simulator I was ready. I noticed I started to memorize some of the questions and called concerned that it I was getting a high score because I was seeing repeat questions. I was told that seeing repeat questions meant I had taken the test an impressive amount of times (which I had) and I must be ready. Well I failed the test miserably and knew studying on my own with the materials I received from the boot camp was NOT going to prepare me. So I asked my boss about Scott’s Accelerator Program and he allowed me to enroll. Scott’s program was a game changer for me! Being able to watch the videos at my own pace and as often as needed was critical for me. My coach’s small group sessions really helped me test my knowledge and really ask myself what process group/knowledge area I was in prior to answering the question. I went from needs improvement improvement (BELOW target) to Above Target in every area!!! I’m forever grateful!!!
May 26, 2021.
The tools and resources available are outstanding! The format and strategy of each course provides a greater understanding for project management. Your provided with a coach that’s with you every step of the way! The support of the entire community will definitely build your confidence and develop a path to success.

Zero Risk Guarantee

No risk to you, get full access to the PMP Exam Flashcards (that retail for $59.95) and Bonuses for only $49.95! Get the help you need to be 100% ready for exam day.

We guarantee you’ll love these flashcards, or we’ll return your shipping fee and let you keep the flashcards no questions asked.

-Scott Payne

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