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Does this sound familiar?

You've spent hours reading boring PMP books...
your brain's swimming in processes and ITTOs...
but, it's just NOT coming together!

You Really Need Someone to Simplify it All for You!!!

This Book is Exactly What You Need!

This is NOT "just another" PMP book

- It is NOT a book that regurgitates the PMBOK...
        - I'm sure you have struggled through tons of other books like that.

- It is NOT a book that forces you to memorize tons of PMP facts...
        - You know memorization wastes your time and doesn't work.

- It is NOT a book that bores you to death with countless ITTOs without any meaning behind them...
        - Mindless ITTOs facts won't help you get more situational questions right.

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This IS an ENTIRELY FRESH and New Way to Master the PMP!

If you've been...

  • Confused  by the overwhelming mountains of PMP information...
  • Frustrated  by the other PMP book's inability to help you see the bigger picture...
  • Desperate  for a simpler way to learn PMP that just made sense and wasn't SO BORING... 

It's NOT YOUR FAULT... the traditional PMP books have let you down.

Stop Wasting Your Time with old books that haven't been improved in years!

PMP Exam Master Prep is a BETTER Way to Learn - Quickly!


It Brings the PMP Alive...

So You Are FINALLY Prepared for Situational Questions

Normal PMP set you up for failure by teaching in the same Knowledge Area (Silo) structure that the PMBOK follows AND focusing solely on memorization!

They give you PMP facts, BUT they don't give you the perspective and skills to solve situational questions.

That is why learning PMP seems so hard! 

Let me explain.

Mastering the PMP exam...
Is NOT about memorization.
IT IS about making connections.

This book is crazy effective, BECAUSE it flips traditional PMP dogma by focusing on the connections, NOT memorization!  

PLUS it teaches you in a innovative and engaging way, that ACTUALLY makes sense!

The Key is the PMP Case Story...

To ace the PMP exam you MUST be able to answer the question "What Would the Project Manager Do Next?"

This book prepares you to do that by:

  • Teaching you in the Flow of a REAL Project
  • Leveraging the Power of a Life-Like Case Story 
  • Teaching you the "WHY" behind every process, not just the how

This is the PERFECT preparation for situational questions!!!

Seeing the "Hero" of the PMP case story (John) make mistakes and succeed in using the actual PMP processes in a life-like project will help you see the PMP in a totally different way, that ACTUALLY makes sense!

And it actually makes learning pretty fun! (I know that sounds crazy but, it's true!)

You Will...
Learn Faster, Retain More,
& Be Ready to Ace the PMP Exam

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Richard Sanders

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I learned more through this book than I did through a boot camp! "

Gary Samuels

"I NEVER once opened the PMBOK!

...Your book did it enough for me!"

Lauren Satterfield

Introducing PMP Exam Master Prep

Learn Faster, Retain More, PASS THE PMP!

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The thing everybody teaching the PMP Exam misses is that you are already an expert.

You Just Need Help Leveraging Your Experience

to ace the PMP's situational questions!

My Book's Case Story Method Simplifies EVERYTHING For You!

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"PMP Exam Master Prep"

(How Everyone Can Use the Power of a Project Case Story To Learn Faster, Retain More, AND Pass the PMP... No Matter What Your Level of Experience Is!)

Inside the pages of this breakthrough underground PMP playbook I detail the secrets you can use immediately to...

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  • Finally Understand the Confusing PMP Concepts (by learning how PMP concepts connection to your real life experience)
  • Reduce Your Study Time (eliminating the fat, learning what matters)
  • Increase Your Confidence (by eliminating the need to memorize anything!)
  • Eliminate Your Stress (by using the most innovative and proven method)
  • Get MORE Situational Questions Right (by learning with an ACTUAL PMP case story!)

You learn step by step exactly how to Ace EVERY Situational Question without memorizing a single thing!  

There's no boring classroom theory.  There's no fluff.  This book is the real deal!

Again, it's all straight from my experience in teaching myself and my student's how to use their real-life project experience to succeed on the PMP exam.  This technique will work for you!


The Case Story Bridges the Gap Between
Your Real Project Experience
and the Exam's Situational Questions!

Inside This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Get For FREE...

  • The 7 most important words on the PMP exam and how you can leverage them to achieve a score even higher than you thought possible .
  • The BIGGEST mistake that normal students make, how it costs them weeks of study time and how you can avoid it.
  • Secret flows that connect the 49 processes and make solving situational questions so much easier!
  • How to visualize the PMP processes so that you can quickly identify and remember the key outputs you must know (without any memorization)
  • Why "Dumping your Data Dump" and replacing it with something else will actually unearth your weaknesses and get you a higher score.
  • The simple forces that drive all projects and how to identify them on the PMP exam.
  • Why project integration is so important and how to leverage that realization to get more questions right.
  • How to quickly and positively identify the difference between different project lifecycles and understand the impacts they have on a project.

And That's Not Even HALF Of What You'll Discover Inside The Pages Of This Breakthrough NEW Book You Can Get FREE

  • Case Story Learning: Every PMP process is explained using a LIFE-LIKE project example which means that you will be able to understand AND remember the concepts WITHOUT memorizing!
  • The 3 major objectives of the Initiating Process Group that you must know in order to identify the correct answer.
  • Actual pictures and examples of the most important documents created and updated in each process which helps you understand their full value.
  • The crucial outputs created by the two processes in Initiating and how the are used throughout the entire project.
  • How 4 simple questions decodes the Planning Process Group so that the 24 processes stop being confusing and actually logically make sense!
  • BONUS video lessons that explain the most critical lessons you must understand to decode situational questions.
  • Master 10 processes in 1 MINUTE... with this simple explanation that clearly shows both the "WHY" and the "HOW" behind 42% of the planning processes.
  • How to logically remember the steps for the creation of the 3 project baselines and how to apply the knowledge to situational questions.
  • The key relationship between Planning and Monitoring & Controlling that the highest scoring PMP students know!
  • Secret Template that makes Earned Value Management Easy and allows you to get guarantee you get the questions right!
  • The #1 key to creating momentum on your PMP exam so that you can finish the exam within 4 hours and get the maximum score possible.
  • Life-like case story example that simplifies the difficult procurement contract types and procedures into logical sequence.
  • How the "rubber meets the road" in the Executing Process Group and ensures that the project actually delivers it objectives!
  • The key role that "Change" plays in PMP situational questions and how you must treat change to answer questions correctly!
  • Focused steps to decompose difficult situational questions and get a much higher score on the PMP exam!

And That's JUST The First 164 Pages...

You'll Also Get My Personal Study Plan AND My PMP Shortcut Secrets Video Links... and So MUCH MORE!


But Don't Just Take My Word For It...Check Out What This Book Is Already Doing For Others Just Like You!

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This FREE Book, "PMP Exam Master Prep", Will Make a Huge Difference In Your PMP Studying... Fast!

Why have I decided to share all these hard-earned secrets?  Why don't I just keep selling this book for $89 on amazon???

Here's why...

I am sick and tired of seeing people struggle with the PMP, like I did way back when I was given less than 60 days to pass the PMP exam or miss out on a dream job.

Now, obviously I can't go back in time to help myself in the past, but I can help YOU.  And that is exactly why I'm talking to you right now - in this moment - on this page.

This book contains the secrets you need to dominate the situational questions you know you will face on the PMP exam, in a fraction of the study time you would have spent!

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Your Life Is About To Change!

Your PMP and career success is extremely important to me!

Maybe money is tight and the PMP is what is standing between you and a promotion.  Or maybe you don't believe in yourself. And that's okay.  I believe in you and your desire to ace the PMP exam... because you wouldn't have read this far if you weren't serious about finding a better way.

And because you are serious, I am going to do everything in my power to get the fastest, most effective way to master the PMP in your hands... because I know they are going to work for you!

I want to give you the power to dominate on exam day... and all I want you to do is just cover the shipping and handling of the book.  I just want you to pay the shipping so I know you're serious and that when you get this book, you'll open it, read it, and use it (because you got skin in the game).

So if you'll do that, I guarantee this book will change your PMP life... just like learning the secrets I wrote in this book changed my PMP and project life.

Now it's your turn to discover the fastest and most effective way to learn PMP and become a question solving machine!  No memorization, No Boredom, JUST LEARNING and Succeeding!  Let's Do THIS!

Here's what to do next...

Like I mentioned before, this book is FREE.  All I ask is that you help cover the printing and postage costs ($19.97 US or $27.97 international).

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There's No Catch...

I know this may sound crazy, but there is no catch. The book is free.  You just cover printing and shipping.

There's NO hidden monthly fee or membership here - and in case you're still wondering why I'm doing this..

Well, besides wanting to help you like I shared earlier, there are a few more reasons...

1. This is my way of making a difference in the project management world.  It's my "thank you" to the industry that I love.

2. When I get my book in your hands, and makes the PMP easy you will share the experience with other people so that I can help even MORE students.

3. I'm sick and tired of seeing people fail the PMP because they get bored to death and confused by the PMP books that people "think" will help them! 


Bottom Line... This is OUR Chance to Make a Difference!

  • This is my chance to break the spell that traditional terrible PMP books have on the world
  • This is YOUR chance to Skyrocket your PMP score!


Time Is Of The Essence...

Here's why...

As I type this, we've only printed 759 copies of this book, and when they're gone... well, they're gone!

If this page is still here, then the offer is still live.  But i reserve the right to pull it down at any time. 


Here Is My "Better Than FREE" Guarantee

I 100% guarantee that you will love this book, or I'll return the shipping fee and let you keep the book anyway!

That's right.  All you need to do is shoot me and email and I will give you your money back... no questions asked.  You don't even have to send the book back.

Sound fair?


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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing your PMP success story!

You will ace the PMP exam.  Let's do this!!!


Scott Payne

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