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You've spent hours studying for the PMP... and your brain is swimming in processes and ITTOs.

When you were in class it all made sense, BUT NOW you have a PROBLEM.

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Your instructor probably recommended you dive deeper into the PMBOK or just take more PMP quizzes... (don't do that)

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Your exam day is approaching... and the consequences of failing the PMP are TOO GREAT....

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90%+ of PMP classes set you up for failure... HERE'S HOW!

They give you PMP facts, BUT they don't give you the skills and support to solve situational questions.

Improving your PMP score IS NOT as simple as just taking more quizzes!

Instead... You NEED to do four things:

  1. Uncover your current weaknesses now! (so you DON'T discover them DURING the exam)
  2. Eliminate them (without wasting hours studying)
  3. Get REALLY Good at Decoding Situational Questions (like the ones you will face on the exam day)
  4. Build Your Exam Endurance (it's a marathon... you must be prepared)

Generic PMP Simulators FAIL to prepare you for the PMP exam!

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What is the Super Simulator?

This is a powerful tool that integrates everything you need to learn how to DECODE ANY SITUATIONAL QUESTION... 

So that YOU GET MORE QUESTIONS RIGHT (and to do it faster than you ever thought possible)... no matter what your project background is!

If you've ever been:

  • Frustrated by your PMP scores
  • Worried that you might not pass, and
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This is the simulator you've been looking for!

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  • Increase Your Confidence (by solving questions that match the exam).
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You Just Need the Best Tools,
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It All Starts With the Simulator...

The Simulator Is SOUPED-UP with Features that Help You Find Your Weaknesses AND Build Your Question Solving Muscles!

1403 Realistic PMP Questions

  • Match the Exact Type on the PMP Exam: So that you are 100% confident you are building real skills, which means on exam day you will be ready!
  • Updated to the 6th Edition PMBOK: Designed to align to the most recent content, so that you maximize the effectiveness of your efforts!
  • Situational Questions: Prepare you for the most important questions on the exam!

Ultimate Flexibility to Take Focused Quizzes

  • Take Quizzes By Process Group, Knowledge Area OR Full Exam: Organizes your study process so that you can dive down methodically into the areas you need to improve!!
  • Wide Variety in Quiz Sizes: 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 question quizzes give you ability to take quizzes that match your schedule!!
  • Random Variation in Quiz Questions: Retake quizzes to continually test your skills and constantly improve!

Detailed Descriptions of Right & Wrong Answers

Laptop Wrong Question Big Image
  • Learn Exactly Why You Missed Questions: So that you understand your areas of weakness and strength!
  • Identify Your Biggest Opportunity to Improve: So that you can LASER Focus your study efforts (Using the Speed Study Tools) and get better FAST!
  • Understand the Logic Behind PMP Questions: Continually reading the logical explainations methodically improves your understanding!

Accessibility on ALL Devices

Accessible on Any Device Simulator
  • Take the Simulator Anywhere: Take quizzes whenever you need so that you are always improving!
  • Rest Easy Knowing You Can Study Anytime: All you need is the internet and you can jump into a PMP quiz!
  • Use Your Break Times to Get Better: Combine the accessibility with the fast focused quizzes to maximize your study opportunities!!

Comphrensive Results Summary

PMP Tests by Knowledge Area
  • Clearly See Where You Missed Questions: Every is linked to it's Process Group and Knowledge Area so you can see where you should focus!
  • Track Your Results: Continuously follow your improvement as you eliminate your weaknesses!
  • Prove You Are READY: Evaluate your results so that you feel confident that you are NOW READY to excel!

LIFETIME Access + No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

  • There is NO RUSH: You get LIFETIME Access which allows you take all the time you need to study!
  • There is NO ADDITIONAL COST: It is just a 1-time fee and you never will be charged anything else!
  • There is NO RISK: You'll love this simulator or ill give you your money back no questions asked!


Using the Speed Study Tools...

Your Scores Will Improve A LOT FASTER

Final - Speed Study Tools - Computer Iphone

Every tool is custom designed to Help You Find and Eliminate Your Weaknesses.

Tool 1: PM One-View

PM One-View

Stop Wasting Your Time Searching For Information!

Simplify Your Study Process.

  • Instantly Find What You Need: You can quickly dive down and find the exact detail you need... No Searching Online... No Flipping Pages!!!
  • Responsive Design: Makes finding facts easy so can spend more time learning!

Tool 2: ITTO Inspector


Finally See the BIG Picture!

Transform Your Understanding
Clearly Seeing the Patterns Within Processes.

  • Every ITTO Simplified: Seeing ITTOs Organized Together Changes Everything!!!

Tool 3: Case Story Videos


Make Learning As Easy As Watching a Movie!

Master Situational Questions By Learning With A Life-Like
Case Story.

  • Perfect Situational Question Prep Method: Get an Unfair Advantage on Situational Questions by Learning with World's Only Life-Like PMP Case Story!!!!

Tool 4: EVM Calculator


Instantly Solve Any EVM Question!

Eliminate Your Fear of Math.

  • Get Instant Results: Just Put In Key Values and the Calculator Explains EVERY EVM Value!!!

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58 Great PMP Questions Decoded

Bonus 1 > 58 Great PMP Questions Decoded

Get MORE and HARDER Questions Correct!

In this video I will explain exactly how I decompose real PMP questions and select the correct answer.  Watch ME decompose and navigate to the RIGHT ANSWER. 

Behind the Scenes Insights into:

  • How to See the "REAL" Question
  • Fool-Proof Method to Identify Key Words
  • Solve Situational Questions

Gain an Expert Perspective So You Can Master PMP Questions!

$79 Included FREE

Bonus 2 > Above Target Student Success Secrets Interviews

Learn the EXACT Steps REAL Students Followed to Succeed, So You Can Too!

Quickly implement the tricks and techniques that helped Real Successful PMP students score Above Target.

Hearing directly from the actual students, in their own words, will give you the competitive advantage you need!

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Bonus 3 > Access to Private Facebook Group

Get the Support You Need With My PMP Community Online

Get an instant network of my instructors and your fellow students who are 100% invested in assisting and supporting you through your study journey.

I post special lessons weekly!

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