EVM Made Easy

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Scott Payne delivers again! Now, he’s given you a solution that guarantees you’ll get every EVM question correct on your PMP exam. It’s not about memorization, EVM questions are multi-dimensional and Scott’s EVM template eliminates the need for you to recall formulas, and instead, all you have to do is recreate his EVM template and then follow his process. You’ll be amazed!

Scott’s EVM Made Easy course is a series of 15 videos that are fun and lively. He takes you from beginning to end, starting with why you think EVM questions are hard to solving any EVM question.

EVM Made Easy Lessons

  1. This is why you think EVM questions are hard
  2. Four secrets keeping you from EVM mastery
  3. Why EVM questions matter
  4. My simple process to solve every EVM question
  5. Three types of EVM questions
  6. What are EVM questions really asking?
  7. Defining the 12 EVM variables
  8. Free Coffee challenge #1
  9. Understanding my EVM template
  10. Letting the template guide the way
  11. Free Coffee challenge #2
  12. Learn to create my EVM template
  13. Practice creating my EVM template
  14. Dominating on exam day using my EVM template
  15. Practice EVM questions



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