PMP Exam Prep Flashcards: Success Secrets

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These Flashcards are YOUR SHORTCUT to PMP Exam Success!

Rapidly improve your PMP skills so that you can walk into the PMP exam with confidence and walk out with your PMP certification!

If you’re frustrated, worried, or scared that you may not pass the PMP exam these cards will be your lifeline… helping to transform how you see and understand the complicated PMP concepts.



  • 402 Most Important PMP Points Distilled into flashcards so you can learn exactly what you need to know which means you will make the absolute most of your valuable study time.
  • Compact glossy flashcards on a strong spiral ring which allows you to take them wherever you go and always be ready to study.  That means you’ll be ready to ace your exam wayyyy sooner!
  • 6 Types of Questions challenge your PMP knowledge in different ways so that you are prepared for the unpredictable situational questions you will face on the exam.  This will make you a question solving NINJA!
  • Updated to the 6th Edition of the PMBOK so you can be 100% confident you are learning what will be on the exam.
  • Every Flashcard is Clearly Marked with the Exact Process It Covers so that you can INSTANTLY see the areas where you are the weakest which means you’ll never be left high and dry searching for the topic you need to study.
  • 6 BONUS PMP Training Videos ($219 value FREE) teach you the secrets of every Process Group and the PM Overview section in a way that makes sense to you!


These are MORE than "Just" Flashcards...

Not only will you learn EXACTLY what you need to know to GET MORE QUESTIONS RIGHT, BUT….

I included 6 FREE BONUS PMP Video Lessons ($219 value FREE – Easily accessible on your phone!) that teach you the secrets of every Process Group and the PM Overview section in a way you will understand and be able to use to get a higher score.


Your Score Will Improve QUICKLY!

These cards are tested and proven to work. 

Invest in yourself and leverage the time-tested method to quickly improve your skills and knowledge so that you can get your PMP and get on with building your life!

I am 100% committed to ensuring you ace the PMP exam and will be there to support you the entire way.

Let’s Do This!

About the Author

Scott Payne, PMP, LSSBB, CSM, MBA, BS Systems Engineering

Scott Payne is a best-selling PMP author and the founder of PM Master Prep.

As the creator of the world's-first Case Story focused PMP training method Scott has decoded the PMP study process to make it easier for you.



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