PMP Exam Super Simulator

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PMP Exam Super Simulator!

Turn our PMP exam simulator into the PMP Exam Super SimulatorTM.

What you'll get in addition to the PMP Exam Simulator 6th Edition is a host of premium study resources (listed below). The result is our PMP Super Simulator, the most comprehensive, content-rich, self-directed, PMP exam preparation system available.

  • PM One-View
  • I.T.T.O. Inspector
  • Formulas & Calculations
  • EVM Calculator
  • Student Success Secrets Videos
  • 25 Case Study Videos
  • Group & Private Chat
  • Glossary
  • Forum
  • Facebook Private Members Group

And Of Course, You Get The

PMP® Exam Simulator 6th Edition

Our PMP Exam Simulator 6th Edition is hands down the best value and most effective PMP test preparation program available. It's updated for the new PMP Exam which is now based on the PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition. Our simulator comes with no time restrictions so you can prepare at your own pace and not worry about what life throws at you. You'll be able to use our PMP exam simulator for as long as you need it.

Unlimited Account Access

Unlimited Simulated Exams

Practice Tests by Process Group

Practice Tests by Knowledge Area

PMP Exam Simulator 6th Edition Features

  • 200 Multiple choice questions, 4 hour time limit
  • Questions randomly drawn from 1,400 question pool
  • Questions delivered in proportion to PMI's exam content outline
  • Test results delivered by category (Process Group) as well as overall score
  • Unlimited tests and never get the same test twice
  • Review any test previously taken, all test questions provide feedback for the correct response

Our PMP exam simulator 6th edition is more than a simple one-dimensional test simulator. We also include bite sized practice tests by knowledge area and by process group so that you can work your way up to the full simulated exam. Then, after testing yourself with the full exam, based on your results, you can return to specific areas of need and continue learning.

Practice Tests by Knowledge Area

  • Ten Knowledge Area practice tests
  • Ten questions each
  • Unlimited retakes
  • Unique test every time

Practice Tests by Process Group

  • Five Process Group practice tests
  • twenty questions each
  • Unlimited retakes
  • Unique test every time


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